Tennant Creek, NT, Australia



The walk from Larrimah to Tennant Creek proved to be interesting. We met a lot of helpful people, told our story a number of times and at the same time spent plenty time out in what felt like the wilderness.


One thing that I was not expecting was rain! We managed to get rained on 3 nights and one almost full day. With the wind it was almost a bit cold. Lucky that we both had rain ponchos with us, it’s the sort of equipment I was not expecting to need this time of year in the Northern Territory.


The first sign of rain was late one afternoon as we were heading in towards Banka Banka. We had planned to camp somewhere on the side of the road and head into Banka Banka the next day, just in time for lunch. As it was we hurried to pitch our tents as what looked like a rainstorm was quickly catching up to us from the north. I thought it would only be a short rain storm, quickly clearing away to the usual blue skies, but I was very wrong. I spent most of the night listening to the rain drum on the tent and also to sounds of Mattia readjusting and changing things on his tent. I didn’t know it at the time, but Mattia had some major problems and managed to get the floor of his tent wet and spent the night without sleep.

The next morning Mattia was very tired and we had a short day, just walking into Banka Banka and spending the day doing some laundry and drying all out stuff. My original plan was to get some good food in Banka Banka but it turned out that they only sold beer and wine, no food at all!


In fact, I have found that the roadhouses have a very limited supply of food to buy, apart from what they serve, which forced me to change a few plans. When we got to Three Ways I realized that I would have to walk down to Tennant Creek to resupply, there was nothing at Three Ways and if there was anything, it was very expensive!


So, an extra 25 k down to Tennant Creek and then back again…



It was an easy walk from Three Ways and we arrived midday and spent the afternoon at the local supermarket stocking up on everything. I had to have at least enough food for 5 days in order to reach Barkly Homestead and it would not hurt to have even more as I did not know what would be available there.

Mattia and I will split up here in Tennant Creek, he is continuing south and I will head back to Three Ways and turn east. We have more or less been walking together since Jakarta so it will be a change.

It also marks the start of what I expect to be the most desolate part of my Australian walk. Just the first part to Barkly is 190 km without anything. Followed by 260 km of nothing..


The only way to get it done is to keep walking!


And yeah, there have been a lot of flies!