The Coffe so far…



If you have been following this blog for a while, you know that I like coffee. A lot. It would not be completely wrong to say I am addicted to coffee!


Like any addict, I will drink almost any coffee, as long as I get my fix. Which does not mean that I don’t appreciate the difference between a great cup and  machine brewed rubbish. After six months  of walking through Europe, I have formed a few opinions about where you can get the best cup and thought I would share my experiences.

The Best: France

There is no doubt that the best coffee (so far) has been served in France! You can get great coffee anywhere. Every bar has a proper expresso machine and they know how to use it. Care is taken and the coffee tastes great, always. There is really only one complaint that I have about French coffee, they do not know what a large coffee is! Not even McDonalds serves a large coffee…. My solution was usually to get two.

Almost: Spain

Spanish coffee is almost as good as French. They have proper expresso everywhere but there seems to be just a slight difference in the care they take to make your cup. It is not as great, all the time, as in France. Close but not quite. A big plus is that it is half the price.

Third place: Sweden

Sweden manages third place by virtue of the availability of drip filtered coffee almost everywhere. You can get a great cup in the many coffee franchise chains but there is always the standard brewed cup to fall back on and it is usually pretty good.

The rest: Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands and England

It is possible to get great coffee in all these countries, but only if you find one of the (in larger cities many) franchise stores. Where they all disappoint is when there is no Starbucks in sight. The only option then is usually some terrible, machine brewed coffee like substance that manages to almost but not quite emulate real coffee. Either that or instant…  In the words of a famous film character “You can drink it, but it tastes like shit”.

The one place that has ok machine coffee is generally McDonalds. That combined with free wi-fi probably gets them a lot of repeat customers they would not have otherwise.

Am looking forward to continuing the search for the perfect cup!