Time to move on


I have now spent 5 days in Gothenburg and although it’s been both restful and productive, it’s time to get back on the road.
Spent a lot of time catching up with old friends, always great, but have also made some equipment changes, made some new contacts and even gave a lunch talk.
Christer from Stendahls Reklambyrå asked me to turn up and talk about the walk during one of their inspirational lunches. Turned out to be a great opportunity ending with a question and answer session that hopefully helped to explain what many people see as a rather eccentric project!

The equipment changes have been rather major as well but I will leave that for another post, after I have had time to digest the changes myself.

Today was Andra Långgatan day in Gothenburg, when they close down the street for traffic and move the shops and pubs out into the street. I naturally went down for a look and it was great. Lots of happy ( and thirsty) people with bands every 5 yards. It was all interrupted by a thunderstorm that I managed to avoid, but I have no doubt they are still going strong there now.

I was far from the only photographer mingeling with the crowd, some more discretely than others.
Anton has been a great host and the city as a whole has really shown it’s best side but I am starting to feel restless.
May have a guest walker along with me for the start tomorrow, along with Lisa who is going to take som pics for an article in GT.
The plan now is to head down the west coast towards Helsingborg, enjoying the weather and hopefully spending some time on the beaches trying to even out my “farmers” tan. My face, lower arms and legs are really brown, but the rest of me is lilly white!