Towards Storvik and Sandviken (Day 6)

This is the view that greeted me as I woke on day 6, in Årsunda.

After a relaxed breakfast I headed of towards Storvik.

In the first post of this blog I wrote that I would not be walking Route 66, but at least I got to cross Road 66!

Just outside Hammarby I started to feel very much like Linné when I discovered a new form of flowering growth striving up towards the sun on the side of the road.

After lunch i arrived at Storvik where my destination was Wetterlings Swedish Ax Works.

I was given a tour by the very charming Julia who is extremely enthusiastic about axes. Talk about the right person in the right place.

Wetterlings have through the years made a lot of different axes and tools and they are trying to assemble at least one copy of each, this is just a small selection.

The works are powered by their own newly renovated hydro-electric plant.When I was there they were producing 21kw.

You don’t want to mess with this girl! A very proud manufacturer striving to make the best axes in the world.

I was back in my Fivefinger shoes today and as I started of toward Sandviken I was starting to get sore under the balls of my feet. I will have to keep using the Fivefingers as much as possible and hope that I manage to harden my feet enough because they really are the most comfortable option I have. The only shoes that don’t give me blisters anywhere.

The last 9km was in pouring rain and I got a chance to try out my wet weather gear in real life. The best thing is my highly visible (varsel, the type road workers use) gore-tex jacket that Micke from Haninge Industrigolv set me up with. Thanks again Micke, its great and walking along the side on the road in the rain it is comforting to know that I am as visible as possible.

The google maps link for day 6 is here.

Oh, I am now well set up to venture into the great northern wilderness of Sweden with my new Wetterlings ax complete with a shield from Tärnsjö Tannery!