Trångsviken (Day 19)

Not a bad view to start the day with. Make sure to look at the larger version (klick on the image). Started fresh and well rested from Ås and set of towards Krokom.

Just outside Krokom there is a rest area that has been voted Swedens nicest for the last 3 years running (I think, not absolutely sure about the number of years).

It was nice but I have seen quite a few other rest areas  that would definitely be in the running.

Somebody forgot their poor elephant at the rest stop.

Pushed on towards my next destination, Mus Olles Museum and on the way found something that reminded me of my friend Dennis, a mean collector in his own right. It was going to be interesting to see if he measured up to Mus Olle, a local who collected more than 150,000 items and started a museum which is still a tourist attraction.

They had a restriction against photography in a few of the buildings, which really pisses me off, but I decided to be a good boy and only snapped a few shots in the areas where only flash photography was forbidden.

I was glad to realize that Mus Olle was way ahead of Dennis, but then Dennis is still going, so who knows!


In Ytterån I to my surprise found a Berliner Schnitzelstuga. A nice change from the usual road side fare and even though it was a little bit early for dinner it was something I did not want to miss. Who am I to argue with serendipity..

Didn’t go classic but opted for the hawai version. Very nice!

Walked on through some brilliant countryside, with snow covered peaks starting to appear in the distance.

Found a very nice site next to a lake in Trångsviken and as the sun was shinning I decided to try to get some sleep out in the open. Love sleeping under the open sky and it felt like it was something that I hadn’t done for to long a time. Rolled out my therm-a-rest and settled down with the sun on my face and a slight breeze keeping the mosquitoes away.

Just as I was nodding off, it started to rain and I was forced to grab all my gear and seek shelter in the small shed that served as a changing room for bathers. Amongst the wasps and used condoms I waited out the heavy rain and as soon as it eased up a bit I found a place to pitch the tent. Settled down to a rather restless night, listening to the rain and wind against the tent, hoping it would all blow over before the morning.

The google map for day 19 is here.