Trials and tribulations (day 4)

Woke to the sound of rain again. Except this time it was against the tent and for real. Thankfully it was still reasonably warm so I dressed in minimal water-resistant clothing and started packing. It’s not easy to maneuver and pack in a small 2 man tent when you are sharing it with a mule!

Yesterdays walking had resulted in my right little toe not being so little any more. It had developed blisters on top of its blisters and was swollen to almost twice its size. The only shoes that I could wear were the Fivefingers and even they were difficult to put on, but finally, I was on my way. Actually even enjoyed walking in the rain.

As I entered Tärnsjö I noticed that one of the rear wheels on the mule was a bit flat. Being a bit lazy I decided to try to fix it with some puncture spray rather than change the tube (or patch it).

The result was that the tube exploded and I had no option but to fix it properly. Which if I would have done to begin with would have saved me the money for the puncture spray.

A quick lunch and then I was of to meet Anders who was coming in on his day of to show me around Tärnsjö Garveri, a vegetable leather tanning company.

Anders gave me a very interesting tour and I learnt a lot about leather.

Anders next to the leather wall he mounted in 1973!

After the tour we sat down and had a cup of coffee and slowly the conversation drifted over to the important things in life. Enjoying life, motorcycles and not worrying if the lawn is not as green or well kept as the neighbors.

I continued north past Tärnsjö (after a visit in the local pizzeria) and finally decided to make camp at around 9pm. When I tried to pitch my “new” pop-up tent for only the second time, I discovered that one of the fiberglass rods that whole construction works around was broken.

With the help of some tent pegs I still managed to make it usable but I am not having a lot of luck with my equipment. But now I am going to crash on something that does work, my very expensive thermarest mattress.

The google map for today is available here.

See you tomorrow!