Uddeholm (Day 34)

Had an excellent start to the day with breakfast on the veranda overlooking a lake and sunshine! Took it easy and enjoyed the company thinking that I was only going for a short walk today, about 30km in to Hagfors.

Started out in the sun and was even starting to think about how nice a swim would be when, about half way to Hagfors, it started raining. From then on it was on again, off again rainwear for the rest of the day.

In Hagfors I found that the real start of Klarälvsbanan, that I intent to follow to Karlstad, is in Uddehom, 5km away. Stopped for a pizza and then headed on.

As I started out along Klarälvsbanan ( an old railroad that has been paved and turned into a walkway) the clouds to the south looked very dark. I could see the rain pouring down in the distance and hoped that I could find a decent camping site before it arrived. Was starting to get a bit worried after a few km but finally found a newly cut meadow, right next to the lake. Put the tent up under a large tree and quickly got the gear into the tent and the mule locked for the night. Just as I settled down and tried to close my eyes the rain set in. Heavily. Very heavily. Glad that I managed to borrow a good tent!

The google map is here.