Uppsala (day 2)

After a great hotel breakfast where I tired to eat as much as possible ( I am not normally a big breakfast person) it was time to get started again. Thankfully not as early as yesterday and the plan was not as far.

For the result check out the google map here.

My feet are a bit sore, especially under the front footpads as there is not a lot of padding in the Fivefinger shoes! Still managed about 20km before I changed to shoes with a thicker sole which means that I have walked a total of 45km in the Fivefingers. I might have to give them a rest tomorrow.

After about 15km I had the first breakdown. A flat! Easily fixed and it was a brilliant day so there was no way I was going to let a minor mishap (that I was prepared for) get me down!

Walked into Uppsala around 6pm, tired, hungry and footsore. Checked in to a hostel and had a shower. Uppsala is a beautiful city and even though I most of all wanted to hit the sack, I grabbed the M9 and headed into town.

Walked around a little and found an outdoor jazz concert but unfortunately it started raining which was just the excuse I needed to grab something quick to eat and head back to the hostel.

I seem to be working my way down the scale. Yesterday it was a 4 star hotel, today a hostel and tomorrow I plan to camp somewhere along the road, so now I am going to drop into the nice comfortable bed in front of and get as much sleep as possible.