Uppsala to Harbo (day 3)

Woke up in Uppsala to the sound of rain against the window pane. As I turned around to go back to sleep I resigned myself to the fact that it was inevitable that I was going to have to walk in some rain sooner or later. When the alarm woke me a bit later, I could still hear the rain, it sounded as though it was gusting and striking the window in bursts.

I got up and pulled aside the drapes to find the sun shining from an almost clear blue sky! The sound of rain was from the ventilation fan. No need for rain gear today but I wish I had remembered the sun block a bit earlier. 🙂

Outside of Uppsala the land was flat and the roads straight. Every now and again I came across an older house hidden amongst the small clumps of trees spread amongst the fields.

The traffic was reasonably light and most of the drivers showed a lot of consideration and gave me plenty of room. Best were the buss drivers, in fact all of the professional traffic was  much better than the private drivers.

Lunch gave me the first opportunity to use my new gas camping stove. It broke before I even got it lit! Still managed a nourishing  soup of “fiskbullar och räksoppa”.

I did not intend to walk more than 30km today but towards the end of the day when I started looking for a camping site all I could find were mosquito forests and swamps so I kept walking. Was getting very tired and my feet were sore but I finally came to an information board that showed a lake with a bathing site about 13km ahead. Further than  planed but I decided to push on. About 5km from my planed campsite there was a sign advertising a pizzeria 1km up the road. The only problem was that it was in the wrong direction! Now I had a choice, no pizza and a shorter walk or 2km extra walking with pizza and possibly ice cream as a reward..

Not a difficult choice.

When I finally reached the lake it was time to try my pop-up tent for the first time.

I threw it into the air

It sort of popped

and then flopped onto the ground.

Ah well, it sounded like a good idea. A little bit of help later, my campsite was ready and I was more than ready for bed.

Just as I was falling asleep, I got a computer support call but fell fast asleep as soon as I put down the phone.