Vansbro (Day 32)

As I was about to go to sleep yesterday the rain abated and I looked out and saw a great quality photographic light. Just had to go out and take a few bracketed, panorama shots. Definitely have some material worth working with when I get in front of a good calibrated screen!

In the morning I continued on towards Vansbro and for a change I enjoyed some sunshine! Not all the time but it felt a lot better than the rain I was used to.

About halfway I stopped at Vans rest area and sat down next to couple that had arrived in a mobile home. They asked what I was doing and we started talking. I think they may have felt sorry for me as I was drinking water and nibbling at some raisins and they offered me some coffee and a sandwich. Thank you!

When I arrived in Vansbro I realized why it is called VansBRO. There are a lot of bridges in town.

Otherwise the town was quite, it was after all sunday evening. Just as I was considering if I should camp, my old friend the rain showed up again. After checking the forecast and seeing rain predicted for the next 4 days I found a cheap room and settled in out of the rain.

The google maps is here.