Left Gamleby saturday morning after meeting Helena Savio for breakfast and then having the honor of being photographed by her and her beloved Linhof.



Had decided to head straight for Vimmerby rather than walk along the coast to Västervik as there were thunderstorms forecast for the coast. Was hoping to avoid them if I headed inland. More or less successfully.. Got caught in one short downpour but in all, the day was more or less dry.


I suppose it ad to happen some time, and I have no doubt that there will be many more before I reach Sydney, but I had not expected a puncture just yet!



The culprit

A thumb tack had gone straight through the tyre and punctured the tube. Even though I was a Boy Scout for less than 2 weeks, I have still learnt to be prepared, so it was just a easy matter of changing the tube.

Continued on a few hours more and finally found a secluded spot to pitch the tent, just before the rain ( or rather drizzle) started.


Sunday morning was foggy and dreary and the threat of rain was ever present. It finally started raining as I walked through a sleepy Vimmerby and then persisted through out the rest of the day. It might have been more depressing if not for the fact that I was headed to the home of my old  colleague, Lars -Erik whom I was looking forward to seeing again for the first time in almost 6 years. Even finally got to see his Jaguar, which we had talked about more than once!


Hope tomorrow brings slightly better weather…