I’ve had a couple of cold, windy days heading up the coast. Have still managed 100 km a day but they have not inspired me to do any bathing in the sea.


The winds have been from the north  and pedaling into them all day has kept any speed I manage low. Thankfully though, they have been more or less dry with rain only falling during the night. 

I spent one night at the camping grounds at Kaskinen and really enjoyed a long, hot shower.  I been taking plenty of breaks, having coffee and snacks at the small stores and cafes along the way and listening to the special Swedish spoken in the area. 

Last night I camped in a forest, just next to a logging road about 12 km from Vasa and was almost eaten alive by the mosquitoes. There were great gigantic swarms of them and standing still was impossible. Every time I did, I started breathing in mozzies! 

But I hid in the tent and had a nice rest. 

This morning, Friday ( I had to check on the phone what day it is),I had a nice short ride in brilliant sunshine in to Vasa and will spend a few hours here having a look around before continuing north. 

I really would have to recommend cycle touring in this area, especially if you want to try and see if you like it. It is easy and there are both plenty of services and lots of places to free camp. The scenery is not to bad earlier!