Vemdalen (Day 26)

Woke very happy to be indoors. Outside a steady rain fell from a compact grey sky, the kind of heavy grey that just promises to stay for days and days! But there was nothing else to do. I packed the mule, got out the rain gear and set off. Once you are on your way the rain doesn’t seem as terrible, although I would have preferred sunshine.

4km outside of Klövsjö I stopped at the golf club for a coffee. Started talking with Catharina, who was running the restaurant, about the tourist season. Its been slow so far, its been too cold and a lot of the tourists are staying away. Even the Germans! 🙂

She said that she lived in Vemdalen and they had a personnel flat that was empty that I was welcome to use, an offer I was quick to accept as it was still pouring outside.

Thank you!

Still had 24km to cover so it was back into the rain clothes and onwards, upwards. The camera stayed in the mule all day, found no inspiration to photograph the grayness and the rain kept coming down. Only thing to do was to choose the right music and get the earphones set up inside the rain hood. Helping me today was Springsteen, Audioslave and Wolfmother. Listened to all of The River twice, there is a reason he is called the Boss.

Arrived in Vemdalen with Audioslave ringing in my ears, thoroughly wet. Just checked the weather forecast and there is another 5 days of rain predicted…

The google map is here.

Guess what! I have just slightly more than 9km to walk to pass 1000km! Tomorrow will be a big day, rain be damned.