Weighing the options…



Photo Miguel Herranz

I have had a lot of reactions to the last post about how minimalistic I should approach the remaining 75% of the-walk.

As could be expected, they range from one extreme to another, and it is always interesting to get feedback, please keep it coming!


I have to admit that I am slightly biased towards being very minimalistic, mainly because that is how I first envisioned the-walk during the first planing stages.

But as I work with professional photography, deciding to limit the quality is difficult. I have after all spent much of the last 12 years teaching other photographers to optimize the technical quality of their work.

Looking back at the-test walk, where I used a Leica M9, it is not to difficult to see that there is a quality difference. Check out this gallery of images from the-test to see what I mean:


Decisions, decisions, decisions…..