This blog started as a documentation of my attempt to not only walk from Stockholm to Sydney, but at the same time try to become more of a minimalist vagabond.

I succeeded at one of my objectives! After 20,000 km of walking, on the 26th January 2016, I walked into Martin Plaza in Sydney and officially, the-walk was done.

But it did not feel like it was done, over or finished in any way. I just wanted to continue walking, or cycling, kick biking, maybe even padding. To continue my journey and explore more of this wonderful planet. So that is what I have decided to do.

The-walk, and this blog will continue, hopefully as long as I have the urge to continue exploring, and I don’t see that desire diminishing in the near future.

My next goal is to someday be able to say that I have walked around the world, all I have to do is walk across Russia and then I think I will be able to make that claim without being dishonest. But there are many more journeys I want to undertake, more places I want to explore, and not only on foot. Which means that I might not rush to finish my around the world walk, but intersperse it with other human powered adventures. Human powered is going to be a major theme of continued exploration and I have so many ideas, hopes and plans that I don’t know how I am going to manage them all!


I hope you will follow my journey as I explore more of this world, while at the same time continuing to try to live up to my ideals as a minimalist vagabond.

On my mind at the moment is a cycle trip around the Gulf of Bothnia, a walk along Te Araroa in New Zealand, cycling the Pan American highway…  The list goes on and on!

But it all take money, not that much as I am trying to be a minimalist, but some. So I have committed to working for the next couple of years in order to fund my next long trip. I intend to get away for some shorter adventures during this time and explore some of the great tracks here in Sweden and maybe even getting some shorter parts of my walk across Russia done in sections. As I write this, I have google maps open and am looking at the path from Stockholm to Moscow, only 1000 km, something that I might be able to get done during this summer!

Coming shortly is a new page with summaries of the trips that I have undertaken under the banner of the-walk, a list that I hope is going to grow and grow. You can find it here: (under construction)

So, remember to keep walking, keep exploring the world and its people and do it as much as possible under human power, that’s what I will continue doing!