Yamba Main Beach

I’m having a rest day in Yamba. Great place for it even though I probably could have managed without it.

But I have plenty of time and the north coast of NSW is “the” place to take breaks.

I did feel the 200 + km done in the first 3 days, so the rest will be good for me in the long run. Tomorrow I intend to try to follow the coast south, it looks possible on Google maps, but I’m afraid some river crossings might force me back out to the highway..

I’m enjoying kickbiking and starting to develop a bit of a rhythm, with different numbers of kicks with each leg, all depending on the terrain. Some walking uphill, but that’s a nice break for the legs, needed every now and again.

The road tomorrow might prove a bit rougher and it will be fun to see how the kickbike (and I) handle it!