Ytterhogdal (Day 14)

Woke to a beautiful day and after an excellent breakfast I hit the road and started making my way north. It was a little bit cool and my jumper was put on just to be taken off again as I got warm. In fact the on again, off again jumper routine continued all day.

Just as I was entering Kårböle, walking past Skansens Småstugor, Astrid called out. She had read about me in the paper and wondered if I would like a morning cup of coffee. What a question, when did I last say no to a cup of coffee!


Astrid gave me a few tips about what to see in Kårböle and a good alternate route towards Ytterhogdal, so I wouldn’t have to walk along the main highway. She also told me more stories about bears, there seem to be plenty about.


Spent most of the day walking in the forest next to the river, alternating between river views and dense forest. Saw a lot of timber.

I also saw the tiniest houseboat on the river.

Even considered making some modifications to the mule.

All in all a very nice day without to much traffic. I am afraid tomorrow will be worse as I will be following one of the main roads for the next day or two as I make my way towards Östersund. The days google map is here, and I am over 500km now!